Notice: Pyrk v0.12.4.1 is the latest Required Version.  [Upgrade]   -    Masternodes: Collateral increases to 2500 Pyrk at Block 100,000. You can start using the increased amount at block 80K.  

Network Summary

Hashrate(d/w)77.2 / 7 7.4 PH/s
Chain Rewrite Days131.6
Difficulty (SHA256)227.01x106
Difficulty (Scrypt)12.26x103
Difficulty (X11)1.37x106
Avg Block Time1:03
Pending Tx2
Total Txs115,509
Data Size76.29 MB
Chain Work84.05x1021
UTXO Set72.67 K / 4.34 MB
Total Supply7,637,510
Fee Targets? /? sat/vB
Exchange Rate$0.0126
Sats Rate7,926,210,153 sat/$
Market Cap$96.4 thou
Total Masternodes1507
Online Masternodes847

Latest Blocks

HeightAlgorithmAgeT.T.M.MinerN(tx)VolumeAvg FeeΣ FeesSize (kB)
181,199sha256d21m 0:33?190PYRK000 (0%)
281,198scrypt22m 0:21?190PYRK000 (0%)
381,197scrypt22m 0:33?190PYRK000 (0%)
481,196sha256d23m 25:19?25,095PYRK0.80.000011…PYRK1 (0.1%)
581,195scrypt48m 28:51Zergpool45,494PYRK0.90.000026…PYRK2 (0.1%)
681,194x111h 17m6:57Zergpool41,012PYRK0.90.000035…PYRK3 (0.2%)
781,193scrypt1h 24m5:54?190PYRK000 (0%)
881,192scrypt1h 30m1:46?190PYRK000 (0%)
981,191x111h 31m0:01?190PYRK000 (0%)
1081,190x111h 31m1:41?190PYRK000 (0%)

Transaction Stats

PeriodTransactionsTransactions Per Sec
24 hours1,1530.0192
1 week8,1390.019
1 month39,7710.0126
All time115,5070.0151

Tx Rate, 24hr