DIP003 Notice: Congratulations to all Pyrk fellows. We have successfully locked in DIP003. You will be able to deploy DIP003 Masternodes at block 188,160
Notice: Pyrk v0.13.0.1 is the Latest Version (20/Oct/2020).  [Upgrade]   -    Everybody should be using at least version 0.13.0 right now

Network Summary

Hashrate(d/w)103102.9 / 100 99.9 TH/s
Chain Rewrite Days10783.7
Difficulty (SHA256)140.93x106
Difficulty (Scrypt)8.89x103
Difficulty (X11)2.53x106
Difficulty (Yespower)0.04x10
Avg Block Time1:32
Total Txs276,476
Data Size169.2 MB
Chain Work93.11x1021
UTXO Set122.13 K / 8.28 MB
Total Supply13,635,415
Fee Targets? /? sat/vB
Pending Tx0
Exchange Rate$0.0337
Sats Rate2,964,140,714 sat/$
Market Cap$460 thou
Total Masternodes749
Online Masternodes749

Latest Blocks

HeightAlgorithmAgeT.T.M.MinerN(tx)VolumeAvg FeeΣ FeesSize (kB)
1195,683sha256d1m 2:04zpool245PYRK000 (0%)
2195,682yespower3m 2:56Zergpool533,476PYRK0.70.000016…PYRK2 (0.1%)
3195,681yespower6m -0:01Mining Du…145PYRK000 (0%)
4195,680x116m 0:13Mining Du…145PYRK000 (0%)
5195,679x116m 3:07Mining Du…275PYRK0.50.000003…PYRK0 (0%)
6195,678yespower9m 0:22Mining Du…145PYRK000 (0%)
7195,677sha256d9m 2:06zpool249PYRK0.40.000002…PYRK0 (0%)
8195,676scrypt12m 4:16Mining Du…421,056PYRK0.90.000023…PYRK2 (0.1%)
9195,675x1116m 0:07Mining Du…145PYRK000 (0%)
10195,674sha256d16m 0:41Zergpool145PYRK000 (0%)

Transaction Stats

PeriodTransactionsTransactions Per Sec
24 hours1,9510.0222
1 week13,2340.0214
1 month44,4510.0169
All time276,5040.0156

Tx Rate, 24hr